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Radium Fuel Race Safe Cell Set Up 10 Gallons With Surge Tank

Radium Fuel Race Safe Cell Set Up 10 Gallons With Surge Tank

Radium Fuel Race Safe Cell Set Up 10 Gallons With Surge Tank

Radium Engineering has a full line of FCST-equipped fuel cells available for any motorsports need. These Radium-spec fuel cells are available with a choice of 5 different bladder types in many popular sizes as described below.

Choose the bladder type and size that will work best for your application. Compatible with all types of fuel (including popular alcohol blends such as ethanol). They feature a molded plastic bladder for those that are looking for a cost efficient cell and do not require a certified bladder. Identical to the Race Safe Fuel Cells (listed above) except FIA certified.

Compatible with hydrocarbon fuels only (gasoline, diesel, AV gas). They feature a durable lightweight coated fabric bladder design. Compatible with all hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, diesel, AV gas) and alcohol blends up to E85. They feature a coated fabric bladder and are approved for use in all motorsports.

They feature a soft extremely conformable high strength lightweight coated fabric bladder. All Radium-spec fuel cells feature a lightweight corrosion-resistant black powder-coated aluminum outer can which encloses the bladder. They also feature upgraded stainless steel fasteners.

Anti-slosh foam is included inside the bladder to reduce sloshing and optimize the fuel collection of the lift pump. All fuel cells are manufactured in the USA. SELECTING THE FCST-FUEL CELL SURGE TANK.

The fuel cells are delivered fully assembled with the selected FCST above. The FCST is available with or without fuel pumps. If "without pumps" is selected, some final assembly will be necessary by the installer. NOTE: Radium presumes the lift pump and surge tank pumps will be the same model so the internal wiring connectors for the surge tank primary pumps and lift pump will always be the same. If you will be using your own pumps or source pumps elsewhere, select the option "Surge Tank Pumps and Lift Pump Not Included" from the drop down.

Note that there will be enough components included with this option to use 1, 2, or 3 surge tank pumps. Depending on the setup, some parts will simply not be used. Next, select the type of pumps that will be used so the appropriate internal wiring connectors will be included. If pumps are required, the FCST will come preassembled and inlet sock filters will be installed on all pumps. First, select the preferred number of surge tank pumps that will be used from the pull down menu.

Next, select the type of pumps that will be used. Note that the surge tank's internal pump wiring harness is always configured to use up to 3 pumps even if only 1 surge tank pump is selected.

The anodized green fittings signify the surge tank fuel pump outlets to the engine. These are available in -6AN male only. If only 1 surge tank pump is used, the "PUMP2" and "PUMP3" ports are plugged using the included anodized aluminum port plugs. If 2 surge tank pumps are used, the "PUMP3" port is plugged using the included anodized aluminum port plug. If 3 surge tank pumps are used, the included anodized aluminum port plugs will not be used. The "RETURN" black port fitting is used for low pressure fuel returning from the fuel pressure regulator. This port is tapped with 3/4-16 threads and a -6AN male fitting is included. For information regarding the FCST go HERE. There are 2 options for the filler flange, direct or remote fill necks. For more information on these Radium Fill Necks.

The fill neck 6-bolt 2.18 B. Pattern is an industry standard and other necks may be compatible. Radium includes a block-off plate covering the port for the level sender.

All Radium Engineering Fuel Cells are non refundable. If customer is supplying their own pump(s), the complete fuel cell and surge tank will arrive partially assembled. Final assembly will be required by the installer. SEE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR MORE.

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  • Brand: RADIUM
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 20-0140-00

Radium Fuel Race Safe Cell Set Up 10 Gallons With Surge Tank